Our Advantage is Clear

At Ironfish Property Management, we specialise in property management.


Ironfish offers experience, professionalism, integrity and diligence; the keystones of property management.

We will find the best quality tenant and the highest amount of rent in the shortest possible time.


Minimal vacancies and maximum rent. Ironfish Property Management is the intelligent way to make the most of your investment property.

Offering a Quality Service for Property Investors


We Want What You Want

    *      Top market rent for your property

    *      Rented in the shortest possible time

    *      The best tenant possible



Maximum Exposure When Marketing Your Property

    *      Internet

    *      Newspaper promotion

    *      Up-To-Date tenant database

    *      'For Lease' signs



Strict Tenant Selection

Our Tenants Screened against...

    *      TWO national internet databases

    *      Our 100 point identification check

    *      Current/previous landlord and employment checks

    *      YOU always have the final say!



 Comprehensive Ingoing Inspection

    *      Your property thoroughly checked with 180 plus                   point check

    *      All areas, rooms and items recorded in detail

    *      Water meter reading taken

    *      Digital photos taken (two copies issued to the                         tenant at sign up)



 Complete Tenant Induction

    *      All expectations carefully explained at tenancy sign               up

    *      All legal forms supplied and explained

    *      Bond taken and lodged

    *      Pet lease signed-with approved pets

    *      OCBA compulsory information form handed to                     tenant

    *      Keys only handed over once all monies paid and

            forms signed



 Regular Routine Inspections

    *      Careful Monitoring of the Condition of Your  


    *      Written room-by room reports

    *      Smoke alarm check

    *      Report any repairs required

    *      Regular programmed inspections conducted on-




 ZERO Tolerance To Late Rent

    *      We insist your rent is paid ON TIME!

    *      We SMS reminders and personally follow up

            the tenant early

    *      We do not use ineffective standard letters!

    *      We follow up late rent payments early

    *      All legal notices are always served on-time



 Getting Vacating Right

    *      Your Property Returned in the Right Condition

    *      Expectations clearly explained

    *      Thorough outgoing inspection conducted

    *      Bond refunded once all monies paid and inspection


    *      Procedures implemented to secure your next tenant


adelaide@ironfish.com.au   |   08 8470 9050