Getting Services Connected

When you move in, it is your responsibility to get your services like electricity, gas etc. connected. You will also need to inform any other services of your change of address (eg. Insurance Company, Registration Office, Centrelink etc.)    


Water is the only service that must remain in the name of the landlord. It is important to notify our office of your new postal address (if you have arranged a new post box), and your new home phone number.


Our office can assist with the connection of utilities and you will have been given this opportunity via our residential tenancy application form.



Water Charges 

You are responsible for payment of water usage as specified in your lease. 



Pay TV

Please call our office if you wish to have Pay TV equipment (satellite dish, aerial, cables etc.) installed at the property. If the Pay TV equipment is already installed, you do not need permission to have this service connected.



Attaching Fixtures and Fittings 

You need to get permission first before fixtures or fittings be attached to the premises. This includes items like dryer brackets, basketball boards and picture hooks. Please also do not use blue/yellow tack or adhesive tape on any painted walls, as these stain and damage the paint over time. 



Paying Your Rent 

Unfortunately we are unable to receive rent payments at our office. If you have not already arranged direct debit, you can pay your rent into any Commonwealth Bank branch.


Alternatively, you can ask your bank to periodically pay from your account into ours (they will charge you a fee for this service). Please supply your bank with our trust account details and your allocated identification number.


You may also find you should be able to set up automatic direct credit payments via your internet banking facility. 




It is your responsibility to make sure that your contents are insured, and for their full replacement value (new value). We or the landlord will not accept any loss occurring to tenant contents through theft or break-in, or under any other circumstances. 



Availability of the Property Manager

Should you wish to speak personally in the office with your Property Manager, it is important to make an appointment. If you come into the office without an appointment, you may find the property manager out of the office, or busy with other customers. Making a time means that we are able to attend to your query properly, giving it quality time.




All queries need to be directed to your property manager. Our other staff may be trained in other departments and are not able to answer property management queries.




Repairs must to be directed to your property manager in writing. Should you have an emergency situation after hours, please refer to our Emergency Repairs Policy in this document. 



Parking of your Vehicle

If you live in an apartment or unit complex, please park your vehicle in the space provided. Please ensure any visitors park their vehicle at the roadside. 

At a house, please never park vehicles on lawns or gardens, and ensure an oil drip tray is used should your vehicle drip oil. Please do not allow unregistered vehicles to be stored at the premises. 




You are allowed to have visitors at any time. If you live in an apartment or unit complex it is important that you do not allow your visitors to make any noise when walking from the roadside to the property and vice versa. Many complaints are received from neighbours regarding this type of disturbance. 




You are allowed to make as much noise as you like-as long as no one else can hear it! Loud noise and music that can be heard by neighbours is not only a nuisance but also an interference to their right to peace and quiet. Therefore we will not tolerate this if we receive a complaint. You will be given an initial warning first, however if the problem persists you may be asked to leave the premises.



Keeping of Pets

You are not permitted to keep pets at the premises, unless a special pet lease has been arranged and signed before the pet is brought onto the premises. This applies to pets kept temporarily at the premises. At no time can a pet be allowed inside the premises. 



Grounds, Gardens and Lawns

You are requested to keep the grounds as you found them. Please ensure that the lawns are regularly watered and maintained, and the gardens watered and kept free of weeds and leaf build-up. Please do not allow a build-up of any rubbish. Please ensure that you water within water regulations. 



Vacating of the Premises

Should you wish to leave the premises at the end of your lease you need to give our office at least 21 days notice prior (in writing). This gives us time to advertise to secure a new tenant. 


If you are on a non-fixed term lease, you need to give specified notice in writing to end the agreement. (See our Notice to Vacate form). 


If you wish to break a fixed term lease, you will need again to provide your notice in writing. You will be responsible for the following: 


• Rent until a new tenant moves in

• Re-letting fee and advertising costs- this depends on how much of the lease remains when a new tenant is secured.

•  The grounds to be maintained and watered until a new tenant is secured. 



Subletting to other Tenants

You are not permitted to rent the premises to other tenants without formal landlord approval. Should you wish to sublet, or transfer the tenancy, applications must be filled in prior to anyone moving into the premises. 



Refunding the Bond

At the end of your tenancy, your bond will be refunded provided the following conditions are met. 


•  The premises passes a final inspection

•  Any outstanding costs are paid (water consumption/break lease fees etc.)

•  All rent is paid to the agreed date

•  Any other costs incurred and outstanding. 



National Database

Please be aware that if monies are left outstanding over and above the value of the bond, you will be required to settle this within 7 days. Failure to do so will result in the matter being taken to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal for an order of payment. This will be taken to the Small Claims Court if unpaid (further legal costs will be added to the debt). At this stage, your name will be added to a National Tenant Default Database recording your details and the monies outstanding. This will jeopardise your future renting as agents always refer to this database before accepting applications. 



Water Restrictions

South Australia is subject to water restrictions with respect to how water is used on lawns and gardens, washing cars etc. These regulations change from time to time. For update information click here



Vacating the Premises

Once you have confirmed you are vacating we will confirm this in writing along with a final inspection guide. You will need to make the time to read this carefully.


Please call your Property Manager one week prior to vacating so that a final inspection time can be booked.


Please also ensure that your mail is forwarded to you accordingly. This can be arranged at your local Post Office. If we receive un-forwarded mail it may be sent back “Return to Sender”.


Please forward your new phone number and address details to our office as soon as you are aware.

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