Maintenance & Repairs Policy

Please report ALL repairs and maintenance issues to Ironfish Property Management in writing as soon as practical, so both you & your property manager have a record of it.


Click on the button on the right to download the Ironfish Maintenance and Repairs request form or please email your property manager directly.


We understand there may be times when emergency maintenance is required outside of our normal office hours.


If this is the case please contact your Property Manager directly on their mobile.


An emergency repair is one which cannot wait until the next working day. Emergency items are generally those that could cause serious injury or immediate damage to the property.


Please be aware, if a repair is ordered directly to a tradesman and is not considered an emergency, part of or the full account may be charged to the tenant.


Your lease agreement does not authorise you to undertake or arrange repairs yourself. If you do so, the landlord is not obliged to reimburse you for the cost incurred.


We ask that you contact your property manager & we will organise authorised tradespeople as they are engaged by our company to carry out necessary emergency repairs.

If you are unsure who your Property Manager is please contact us during office hours on 8470 9050 & we can advise you.



Please email this form to your Property Manager