NRAS Tenant Eligibility Criteria

NRAS Tenant Eligibility Limits

NRAS homes are rented to eligible tenants at least 20 per cent below the market rent to be eligible for the National Rental Incentive annually.


To be eligible for an NRAS property, the tenants income must be equal to or less than the income limit specified. 


Eligible tenants’ income must be equal to or less than the initial income limit when they become a tenant of an NRAS dwelling. Income may increase up to 25 per cent (the upper income limit) before their eligibility is affected.



For NRAS purposes, a household is considered to be all persons ordinarily residing in the dwelling.


The Department therefore requires all persons who ordinarily reside in an approved rental dwelling to have their income included as a member of the one household, in accordance with the income limits.


Household income limits are indexed annually on 1 May in accordance with the NRAS tenant income index.


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